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ROUND OFF.object

Sculpture in Ears — 

We are  design brand of handcrafts and currently specializes in earrings, founded in 2018.


The design concept between transmission and flickers.

We extract the purest materials from the reciprocating objects.

Combining with epoxy resin and other material.Each of our products has unique formed design and meanwhile possesses the spirit of craftsmanship working method.To make the feature die manually from scratch,we take them through 3 steps:silicon rubber making,mold filling,mold trimming .Which makes the flaudity matters sealed  in transparent materials,showing the irregular handicrafts as its featured.

我們是飾品與物件的設計品牌,以耳上的雕塑品為起點,將透明感的樹脂與風格鮮明的材料結合運用,經由手工製作的獨立生產方式,創作不規則的獨特形體 ; 灌模的過程中必須緩緩地將材料倒入模具,填補形體,使其完整、圓滿,因而將ROUND OFF 作為命名,名稱裡的object則意味著不局限於特定的品項,持續嘗試各種媒材的可能性,並致力於開發各類與樹脂結合的設計物件。

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